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Key points of use of metal hose

Jun 08, 2017

1. The metal hose is the main pressure part of the hose installed in the pipe, at the same time to the corrugated pipe sheath role, according to the pressure in the pipeline size and application site, you can choose a layer or multi-layer stainless steel wire or steel belt for weaving, hose pressure range in the PN0.6e 32.0Mpa, highest up to. 0MPa.
2. As the material for making the main parts of the hose is austenitic stainless steel, thus ensuring excellent hose temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, the operating temperature range of the hose is very wide, for the 196 degree, the use of hoses according to the corrosion of the pipeline media to choose the applicable stainless steel grades, can ensure the corrosion resistance of the hose.
3. Corrugated metal Hose has a good softness, anti-fatigue, high pressure, high and low temperature, corrosion resistance and many other characteristics, it is relative to other hoses (rubber, plastic hose) life will be much higher, it has a higher overall economic benefits.
4, with the development of modern industry, high temperature resistance, high-pressure corrugated metal hose demand is also growing, hose application scope: need to fully flexible pipe, to prevent vibration of the premises piping, steam, gas, air, heavy oil, petroleum, chemical and other drugs are applicable.