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Rooting requirement of pipe supporting hanger

Jun 08, 2017

1. In the steel structure, rooting, the root of the site should be sufficient strength.
2. Concrete beams, columns as far as possible uneasy on the floor, greater than 0.5t force to be on a condition.
3. In the lining equipment or piping of the raw and parts, should be in front of the lining to complete its welding work and pay attention to whether the equipment should be reinforced.
4. In the brick wall column should be embedded in the walls of steel (in brick-and-concrete structure of rooting, should be used in the way of embedded root, the larger load should be in the main beam or column rooting).
5. In the case of the need for heat treatment equipment, the root of the equipment should be completed before the heat treatment welding work.
6. Compressor piping should have an independent base.
7. Support bracket supported on the ground, when the load is large, especially when the bending moment is larger or has the vibration load, should provide the foundation for its rooting, the foundation generally higher than the ground 100mm above.