Two Gang Weatherproof Gray Outlet Box

TOPELE Watherproof Outlet Box are made of rugged, seamless die-cast construction which will not allow entry of moisture. It have safety performance,good impact resistance, static load strength, insulation, * Non-toxic *, anti-aging properties, corrosion resistance, fire retardant properties.

Product Details

Two Gang Weatherproof Gray Outlet Box

Basic details:

Material:Aluminum Die Cast
Finish:State-of-the-art powder coat finish
Type:3 / 4 / 5 / 5x / 7 / 7x / 9 Holes
Box Size:

4''*4'' ---Two Gang

Hole Size:1/2'',3/4'',1''
Protection Level:IP65


Used as a weatherproof junction box or as a housing for receptacles, switches and GFCI in branch circuit wiring in wet, damp or dry locations.

Brand Name:


Standard:UL No.E506419



Item No.Trade SizeWidth(Inch)Length(Inch)Depth(Inch)Max.Capacity
TGB50-31/2''x34.5304.5302.16030.5cu in / 500m
TGB75-33/4''x34.5304.5302.16030.5cu in / 500ml
TGB50-41/2''x44.5304.5302.16030.5cu in / 500ml
TGB75-43/4''x44.5304.5302.16030.5cu in / 500ml
TGB50-51/2''x54.5304.5302.16030.5cu in / 500ml
TGB75-53/4''x54.5304.5302.16030.5cu in / 500ml
TGB100-51''x54.5304.5302.16030.5cu in / 500ml
TGB50-5X1/2''x54.5304.5302.16030.5cu in / 500ml
TGB75-5X3/4''x54.5304.5302.16030.5cu in / 500ml
TGB100-5X1''x54.5304.5302.16030.5cu in / 500ml
TGB50-71/2''x74.5304.5302.16030.5cu in / 500ml
TGB75-73/4''x74.5304.5302.16030.5cu in / 500ml
TGB50-7X1/2''x74.5304.5302.16030.5cu in / 500ml
TGB75-7X3/4''x74.5304.5302.16030.5cu in / 500ml
TGB50-91/2''x94.5304.5302.16030.5cu in / 500ml
TGB75-93/4''x94.5304.5302.16030.5cu in / 500ml
DTB50-51/2''x54.5304.5302.62537.3cu in / 611ml
DTB75-53/4''x54.5304.5302.62537.3cu in / 611ml
DTB100-51''x54.5304.5302.62537.3cu in / 611ml
DTB50-5X1/2''X54.5304.5302.62537.3cu in / 611ml
DTB75-5X3/4''X54.5304.5302.62537.3cu in / 611ml
DTB100-5X1''X54.5304.5302.62537.3cu in / 611ml
DTB50-7X1/2''x74.5304.5302.62537.3cu in / 611ml
DTB75-7X3/4''x74.5304.5302.62537.3cu in / 611ml
DTB100-7X1''x74.5304.5302.62537.3xu in / 611ml

Note: Boxes supplied with 2 closure plugs,1 green grounding screw amd 2 mounting lugs with self-tapping screws.

Shipping Terms:


Payment Terms:

T/T,L/L atsight

Competitive Advantage:

+Quick Delivery: 30 days for one 20ft container.

+Competitive Price.

+Good Quality: quality is concerned.( UL certificate approval).

+Best Service: fast delivery, good price, timely and effective communication.

(1)Strong package:

1.Sealed bag + Carton box + Packing belt

2.Small box + Carton box + Packing belt

3.Sealed bag + Carton box + Wrap film + Tray + Packing belt

+Powerful Solution: fast and effective solution to problem.

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