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Where Will The Cold Drawn Steel Products Be Used?

Mar 30, 2018

It has not been thought about where cold - drawn steel can be used, because it is used in a wide range, and it is involved in almost every field. In general, cold drawn steel products are suitable for mechanical equipment, electrical appliances, tools, hardware accessories, decoration and home appliances, as well as auto parts and motorcycle parts.

The wide application range of cold drawn steel products is inseparable from their own advantages. On the one hand, cold drawn steel can get different cross sections and specifications by designing different molds, so as to meet different needs. On the other hand, the high quality hard alloy dies and experienced operators make the products have high precision and smooth surface quality.

There are also materials, processing time and processing machinery savings, all of which are due to the simplification of technology. Those are the reasons why people are willing to choose cold drawn steel.