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What Is The Reason Why The Cold Drawn Six Angle Steel Will Break When Machining?

Apr 08, 2018

Cold drawing six angle steel is also a kind of cold pull type steel for customer purchase, but the feedback of its later use is not ideal. The main reason is that the material will crack under the condition of processing, which not only affects the subsequent processing of the cold drawn six angle steel, but also reduces the quality of its own. So take this opportunity to discuss the trouble of cold drawn six angle steel.

After careful and thorough analysis, it is found that the cold pulling six angle steel will break and crack when it is processed, and it is related to the material. Especially when the carbon steel is used as the raw material, especially the carbon content of steel or too much impurity, it will break and crack after the mechanical cold pull. In contrast, if the cold drawing six angle steel is made of high quality raw materials, with less impurities, it can avoid the production of similar problems.

Of course, the whole responsibility can not be attributed to the raw material. The ductility of the six angle steel in cold pull, the low temperature, or the annealing at the time of treatment are the reasons for the interruption of the cold drawing six angle steel.