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What Is The Flexible Conduit In Electrical Construction

Dec 04, 2017

Insulated conduit refers to rigid insulated conduit, also known as rigid PVC pipe.

Insulated conduits are widely used as electrical conduit in electrical installation of civil buildings. As the insulated pipe at high temperature mechanical strength decreased, aging rapidly, and Xu Xu large, ambient temperature above 40 ℃ high temperature places should not be laid; insulated duct in the frequent mechanical shock, collision, friction and other places susceptible to mechanical damage Should not be used.

Flexible catheter made of rubber and braid.

Flexible conduit laying should meet the following requirements:

1. Rigid catheter by flexible conduit and electrical equipment, appliances, flexible conduit length in power engineering is not greater than 0. 8m, in lighting projects is not greater than 1. 2m

2. Flexible metal pipe or other flexible conduit and rigid conduit or electrical equipment, appliances, connections between the use of special joints; composite flexible metal pipe or other flexible conduit connection at a good seal, liquid-repellent cover intact;

3. Flexible metal conduit and flexible conduit can not be connected to ground (PE) or pick-up (PEN) conductor.

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