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What Is The Difference Between A Wire Tube And A Wire Tube?

Dec 31, 2017

The difference between a wire tube and a wire tube is that:

A conduit is a protective tube for wires and cables, which is brought by wires. It means that during construction, the protective tube is laid out first according to the diagram, and then the wires and cables are put into the pipe to reach the electrical appliance, which is then installed on the wires.

The ways of wire pipe wear are as follows:

Method 1, the wire and other traction lines are reserved in the tube, and the thread head of the tube is tied to the traction line.

Law 2, cannula section, a section of each section of the past, and then splice a few sections together (this method is better for the small bending of the line).

Method 3, through the line directly (only for short pipe, hard line).

When the pipe is worn, do not damage the outer skin of the line. There is no water, fluid and burr in the pipe.