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What Drives The Change Of The Cold Drawn Steel Production Mode?

Apr 07, 2018

Automation has become a symbol of modern industry. The production of cold drawn steel products will naturally be applied to various automatic control technologies. The application of new technology can always bring us surprises. For the cold drawn steel production mode gradually refined, how do you see it?

In fact, this is one of the biggest changes after automatic production. Compared with the traditional production process of cold drawn steel, the production mode has also changed significantly besides the quality of the product. The most deeply felt is the diversification and refinement of the operating mode, such as automatic mode, analog operation mode, machine mode, and heap repair mode, etc.

Each of the models mentioned here is very useful for the whole process of production. At least people can more carefully observe the state of each link in the forming process of the cold drawn steel, so as to make a timely improvement to meet the different requirements of the different users for the cold drawn steel.