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What Are Insulation Ducts And Flexible Ducts In Building Electrica

Dec 31, 2017

nsulated conduit refers to a rigid insulating tube, also known as a rigid PVC tube.

Insulated conduit is widely used as wire conduit in electrical installation engineering of civil buildings. Because insulation ducts at high temperature, mechanical strength decline, aging rapidly, and large variable temperature, environmental temperature above 40 degrees above the high temperature place should not be laid; insulated conduit often occurs in mechanical impact, collision, friction and other vulnerable areas of mechanical damage should not be used.

Flexible ducts are made of rubber and woven fabrics.

The laying of flexible ducts shall be in accordance with the following provisions:

1., rigid catheter is connected with electrical equipment and appliances through flexible conduit. The length of flexible pipe is less than 0. 8m in power engineering, and it is not more than 1. 2m in lighting engineering.

2., flexible metal pipe or other flexible conduit is connected with rigid conduit or electrical equipment and appliances. Special joint is used. The connection of flexible flexible metal pipe or other flexible conduit is well sealed, and the liquid proof covering is intact.

3. a flexible metal tube and a flexible catheter can not be a connecting conductor of PE or PEN.