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The Sealing Performance Of The Cable Joint Is The Key To Make The Product Not Be Dampened

Jan 23, 2018

The sealing performance of the cable joint is the key to make the product not be dampened

The sealing performance of the cable joint is the key to make the product free from moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to use a cylindrical oil plugging terminal welding / pressure connection to ensure the tightness of the cable joint. Non oil plugging is generally used in low voltage cables, called copper or aluminum terminals. Cold press terminal? (including 10m2), more than fourth chapters should apply control equipment and medium voltage electrical mortgage copper terminals, the material has been included in the quota. You don't ask for the general terminal crimping, no welding.16. cable head is generally dry bag, pouring / pyrocondensation, provisions are not generally considered. The 17. sets of cabinets are general wiring. Our company specializes in producing cold pressed terminals. The main material is made of metal copper. Due to the oversize of the products, each model has five colors and brass and copper. It is better to change the 16MM2 aluminum wire into 10MM2 copper wire. If you can't change it, you can connect with the connection terminal (copper), and you can also use copper and aluminum over tube to press, and then wrap it with insulating tape. 3 - 8, 2.1.5 related content of the 4LC security type cap. Casing: there are three kinds of copper bushing, aluminum sleeve and copper transition casing, and the same material casing should be used in selection. Connection terminal (wiring nose): when selecting, the wiring terminals must be connected according to the number and total section of the conductor, and the terminals must be connected with each other. There are many terminal connections. The terminals are only one, and there are cable heads and copper noses. The general 6mm2 and the following terminal wires are connected to the outer connection without terminal. The other large cables cover the welding terminals and the pressing terminals. Terminal head even, a hole can connect two copper nose, 3 root 240 wire parallel away much current ah you can turn two 240 wire in a 400 copper nose ah, say its so hard, you simply use the copper well, there will be obvious when the pressure drop, if you are lighting incandescent lamp, you will see the brightness change obviously. If this is the cause of the 3, the last may be a different medium near your home wire switch bad contact, like wire connected copper terminals, this problem is generally in the ground, yellow and green color, the cross sectional area of BVR10mm2 multi strand copper wire, wire length is less than or equal to 500mm, if the conditions are not up to the standard of less than 500mm can be appropriately extended, but should follow the principle of wiring as short as possible, is directly connected to the power supply reliable pressure arrester. Line terminal. The grounding wire is connected to independent grounding network and with the school, 3, terminal or poor material surface treatment does not meet the requirements (such as fake and shoddy products, the use of common surface chrome plated) or copper alloy; 4, external cable or copper crimping is not strong, resulting in the local heat transfer to the circuit breaker housing usually, but can be observed; 5, contact oxidation and ablation conductor terminal conductor copper without oxygen, making installation in place, more than 30m with expansion joint. If there is a cable well, please pay attention to the fire prevention plugging. 4. The wiring of the distribution box. The pipe entry box is not allowed to open a long hole, and the pipe mouth should be added, and the zero line bottom line is not allowed to be pressed on one terminal. 00 and said that, for the only * * *, 75 ~ 150mm2 wire, copper wire round is also applicable to without special processing or crimping head connected with a tubular end