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The Safe Production Base Of Cold Drawn Round Steel Is Unified Management And Equipment Protection

Mar 23, 2018

In the production process of cold drawn round steel, it is necessary to undergo high temperature treatment. In this case, how will the security be guaranteed? In fact, the safe production of the cold drawn round steel can not be separated from the unified management of the operators, the strict requirements and the stability of the equipment. The following points are the main points of attention in the real operation.

1, before the production of cold drawn round steel, the related cold drawing equipment should be tested first, including its ability range, stability, integrity and so on.

2, it is said that cold tension on the one hand depends on the ability to work with the equipment of cold drawn bearing reinforced matching, to avoid overloading; on the other hand to check the stability of cold drawn steel equipment, if there is abnormal signals and fixture failure, wire rope breaking problems you have removed one by one.

3, for the operators, the whole process of cold drawing must obey the unified instruction, and the operation is strictly forbidden according to the signal opening and parking.

4, in order to further ensure safety, in the operation area is not allowed to have personnel, so in addition to setting warning signs, it is necessary to install a protective fence.

5, in addition, it is necessary to set up protective facilities for the production line of cold drawn round steel to prevent the safety of personnel from breaking or slipping.

Since 6, when it comes to protection facilities that will describe, in general no baffle case should hoist and cold drawn 90 degrees, and the use of closed pulley. At the same time, it is necessary to clamp the cold drawn steel bar, and wait until the personnel leave the signal. Once the operation is abnormal in the process, it should be checked in time. Only when the fault is eliminated and the test is qualified, can the production of the cold drawn round steel be restored.