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The Popularization Of The Basic Knowledge Of Plastic Metal Hose

Feb 15, 2018

What is the plastic hose?

The plastic coated metal hose is simply called the clad plastic pipe, which is tightly attached to the concave and convex surface of the wall core on the core of the metal hose, and is coated with a layer of cable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material.

Design idea of plastic metal hose

The plastic bag to protect metal hose for wire and cable pipe is used for threading wire and cable, and reaches a certain level of IP protection grade and high tensile strength, torsion, compression ability of quality products, suitable for high requirement of electrical installation, instrumentation, machinery and other large wire and cable protection, relative to the protection of hose wire products the traditional plastic coated metal hose to adapt to a variety of harsh environments.

The material of the plastic metal hose

The inner layer adopts galvanized steel strip and special insulation treatment; the outer layer adopts PVC material (anti ultraviolet, anti aging).

Ambient temperature -20 C ~+100 C for the use of plastic metal hose

Product characteristics and main uses of plastic metal hose

1. excellent waterproofing, insulation, and tensile properties

2. buckle structure, increasing tensile strength, not easily broken or deformed

3. good bending performance, internal smooth structure, easy to wire and cable through the guide through.

The products are mainly used for wire and cable protection in production and processing, as well as insulation, waterproof, and improving the bending and beauty of cable. When used, the cable wire is first penetrated into the tube, and the corresponding model of the BMT series metal joint is fitted.