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The Optimization Scheme Of Cold Drawn Steel Mould

Apr 12, 2018

From the current production of cold drawn square steel, the mold making is one of the most popular methods. However, there are some limitations due to the rigidity of the mould steel, the reference of the design and the traditional industry standard. In order to change this phenomenon, we need structural parameters of cold drawn steel mold optimized.

The traditional design method is only suitable for the traditional drawing rough machining. It is necessary to further study the best combination of the cross section parameters for the precision drawing requiring high precision and dimensional stability. But the specific operations must be determined according to different materials, so as to achieve the desired effect.

Taking the 45 steel material commonly used in cold drawing square steel as an example, the optimization design of the structure parameters of the cold drawn conical die should be optimized by the two-dimensional axisymmetric elastoplastic finite element method. The radial stress, drawing force and the equivalent residual stress in the forming of the transmission shaft are used as the analysis indexes, and the more reasonable combination of parameters is determined. The output quality of cold drawn steel.