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The Necessity Of Developing The Cold Drawn C Type Steel In The Building

Apr 13, 2018

As one of the most representative products in cold drawn steel, cold drawn C steel has many unique properties, such as high strength, light weight, good seismic performance, fast construction speed, small size of structural components, high industrialization and so on. In addition, the cold drawn C steel itself is a reusable green environmental protection material, so its development in the field of construction is vigorously promoted.

With the limited use of traditional clay bricks and other traditional materials, it is imperative to speed up the process of housing industrialization and actively promote the C steel housing system. However, the C steel house in China is still in the initial stage of exploration. This system has many areas to be improved in C steel fire prevention, Liang Zhu node practice, floor form, supporting wall material, economy and market acceptability.

Because the cost of C steel housing is relatively high, many real estate developers are only interested in the front, not considering the fact that the cost of the C type steel housing is not high, and the construction of the brick and concrete structure and reinforced concrete structure is developed. But after all, C steel has many advantages which cannot be compared with reinforced concrete structure, and it must go in this direction.