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The Inspection Of I-steel And The Design Of The Hole And Cutting Edge

Mar 16, 2018

I-steel is a type of steel product with section type. The inner surface of the upper and lower flange has a certain inclination, which makes the flange thin and inner thick. It is because of this design that I-section steel will have large difference in the section characteristics of the two main planes, so I-beam can only be directly used for bending members in the web plane or it will form lattice structural members.

Of course, this has also become the unique characteristic of I-steel, and is one of the standards for quality inspection. Besides, when the I-beam is out of factory, its type must be inspected. The specification of the I-steel is represented by the Arabia number of its waist high centimeters. The web, flange thickness and flange width represent different specifications.

Some I-beam in the design of skew rolling pass, refers to the two edge of the opening at the same time above or below the pass system it pass, it has the advantages of groove slope of side wall is larger, the open side slope of up to 10%-25%, the opening pressure tank allowed, helps to reduce the time.

And at the time of production, as long as the high level of steel is used, the edges and the lower part of the waist can be perpendicular to each other and the quality of the I-steel can be improved. The basic design of I-steel shear blade is the pass shape of I-steel, but we should pay attention to that, because the two shoulder of I-steel is thicker than other parts, so the shear force is also larger.

When the shear force is large, the blade wear is also fast. Therefore, after a period of use, the shoulder gap will be larger and the shoulder collapse will happen. So when the cutting edge design is carried out, we must take more precautions against similar problems.

It is proved by the test that the width of the pass of I-steel is easy to be restored during the repair of the car, thus maintaining a stable size and reducing the wear of the pass. As for the installation of I-steel, it should be given enough attention to ensure that its value can be reflected.