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The Advantages Of The Flexible Electrical Conduit?

Flexible electrical conduit has many models, such as KZ, KV, KVZ and flexible electrical conduit accessories, etc. it is suitable for many fields of building, equipment, bridge, tunnel, lighting and so on. The "flexible electrical conduit" adopts the standard production, design and construction of JG/T3053-1998 "flexible metal wire protection casing". The acceptance of "Chinese Engineering Construction Standardization Association standard CECS87:96" flaxible metal casing wiring project "technical specifications" for the first time in China to introduce "flaxible metal casing" was in 1992, because of its unique advantages, will soon be applied to various fields, gained recognition and praise. Compared with the "flexible electric conduit", all the hot-dip galvanized steel strips are made by winding, the inner layer is the flame retardant insulation layer, which greatly improves the flame retardancy, water resistance, corrosion resistance and tensile and compressive properties.