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Selection Principle Of Mechanical Parts For EMT Pipe Bender Manufacturer

Feb 23, 2021

EMT pipe bender manufacturers believe that the most basic choice of mechanical parts is that the parts need to meet the performance requirements. The so-called performance refers to the material can ensure the normal work of parts must have the performance. It includes mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties. The service performance of parts mainly refers to the mechanical properties of materials. Generally, when selecting materials, the primary task is to correctly analyze the working conditions and main failure forms of parts, so as to accurately judge the main mechanical properties required by parts.

The manufacturer of EMT pipe bender thinks that it is necessary to analyze the working conditions of the parts when selecting. Based on the analysis of the working conditions of the parts, the performance requirements of the materials used are put forward. Working conditions refer to the form of force, the nature of load, the situation of friction and wear; working environment conditions, as well as the special requirements of conduction and heat conduction.

EMT pipe bender manufacturers remind you not to forget to judge the main failure mode. The failure forms of parts are inseparable from their specific working conditions. It is necessary to go deep into the site, collect and sort out relevant data, carry out relevant experimental analysis, judge the main forms and causes of failure, find out the defects of the original design, put forward improvement measures, determine the main mechanical performance indexes of the selected materials, provide practical information for correct material selection, ensure the use efficiency of parts and improve the ability of parts to resist failure.