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Selection Of Raw Material For Metal Hose

Jan 30, 2018

Metal hose raw materials are generally divided into three categories:

Class a raw materials: refers to the raw materials that may have direct and significant effects on the quality of products during production and use, for example, the key functions and properties of products.

B materials: materials that may bring indirect or more important effects on the quality of the product during the process of production and use.

C material: refers to the general or minor raw materials which are generally auxiliary parts to the quality of the product.

The main parts of production material is austenitic stainless steel hose, thus ensuring the heat resistance and excellent corrosion resistance of the hose, the hose is extremely wide range of working temperature, -196-600 degrees, the pipeline through the hose on Corrosion for stainless steel grades, to ensure that the corrosion resistance of hose.

Hose application scope: the conveying pipe with sufficient flexibility should be used to prevent vibration piping, which is suitable for steam, gas, air, heavy oil, petroleum, chemical drugs and so on.

Metal hose has many characteristics, such as good softness, fatigue resistance, high pressure resistance, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and so on. It has much higher life expectancy than other hoses (rubber and plastic hose), so it has high comprehensive economic benefits. With the development of modern industry, the demand for high temperature resistant and high pressure corrugated metal hoses is becoming more and more important.