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Routine Design Of Mechanical Parts For EMT Pipe Bender Manufacturer

Feb 10, 2021

First of all, the first thing EMT pipe bender manufacturers tell you is the theoretical design. The so-called theoretical design is based on the design theory and experimental data. It can be divided into design calculation and check calculation. Design calculation is to select the calculation criteria according to the working conditions of the parts, and calculate the main geometric dimensions and parameters of the parts according to the specified requirements.

The second is EMT pipe bender manufacturer experience design. Experience design refers to the design based on the existing experience formula or the designer's own work experience, or with the help of analogy. It is mainly applicable to the parts with little change in use requirements and typical structural shape, such as the structural elements of box, frame and transmission parts.

Finally, the EMT pipe bender manufacturer will talk about the model experiment design. This kind of design is mainly aimed at some important parts with huge size and complex structure. According to the preliminary design results, small-scale models are made according to the proportion. The characteristics of various aspects are tested by experimental means, and then the original design is gradually modified according to the experimental results, so as to achieve a perfect design. Model experiment design is a kind of design method used to accumulate new experience, develop new theory and obtain good results when the design theory is not mature and the existing experience is not enough to solve the design problems. But this kind of design method is time-consuming and cost-effective, and is generally only used in particularly important design.