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Response To The National Environmental Protection Call, Consideration Of The Flexible Waterproof Casing Industry In The New Era

Jan 07, 2018

In order to respond to the call for national environmental protection, our flexible waterproof bushing manufacturers are busy in upgrading and upgrading the environmental protection equipment in the past few years. We also have a sense of not sacrificing the ecological environment for economic development.

Since the reform and opening up, some people have become rich first. At the same time, because of various reasons, the income gap of the residents is widening, and the disparity between the rich and the poor appears. Therefore, people's consumption demand is also showing great changes, more expensive, more luxurious, more high-end products also have to buy, and there is a large market demand; and cheap, low products have great market and demand, and this part of the consumer groups occupy a large proportion. Therefore, facing the new changes of market demand, we should re examine, sort out and locate our development ideas in all industries and even the flexible waterproof bushing industry we are engaged in. According to the consumption needs of different levels, according to the characteristics of different regions, according to the reality of different enterprises, we should formulate different development ideas and market positioning of products. We can not lose the high-end market and the middle and low level market. Especially in this year, the market of our flexible waterproof bushing is fierce, and all kinds of economic forms coexist. The competition between the high and low grade products and the market is in the white hot state. Some of the world famous brand by brand has a long history of accumulation, rely on the strong financial strength, rely on strong market channels, occupy the high-end market, high-end market position within a short period of time is difficult to shake; while the domestic enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, occupy the low-end market, the short term is difficult to reach the world famous brands the level of. Flexible waterproof casing experts believe that in the channel construction, enterprises should pay attention to location: three flow enterprise hard to rely on their employees earning money, second rate companies rely on selling products and services to earn money for consumers, selling brand, first-class enterprises rely on technology of other enterprises to earn money, super flow enterprises rely on the trading rules make the whole industry the money.

China's flexible waterproof bushing has gone through the initial stage of development. In the transformation and upgrading period of structural adjustment and scientific development, facing the market downturn, we must first make good brand positioning. Flexible waterproof casing, on the other hand, we have to take a lot of problems in the market of flexible waterproof casing. Because the market of flexible waterproof casing in China has basically formed the situation of state, collective, joint venture, share and individual private coexistence. In the fierce competition in the market requirements in the steady development of enterprises are concerned about the following issues: efforts to reduce production costs and focus on improving product performance and efficiency; non-standard products, high-tech product development and quality production of single or small groups; through the international quality certification of flexible waterproof casing products; flexible waterproof casing products development environmental protection, energy saving direction. However, it is unavoidable that some unlawful manufacturers, with the aim of making profit, not hesitate to harm other people's interests, are disrupting the development of the normal flexible waterproof casing product market. If the domestic enterprises do not pay attention to this, it will affect their long-term development, and good service is also the most important. In the pipeline of global sales, the vast majority of them are produced and exported from our country. China has become the main flexible waterproof casing supplier in the world. While the pipeline industry is developing, some problems are becoming more and more obvious. Flexible waterproof casing enterprises must seize the new development situation, increase scientific and technological innovation, to carry out product certification, efforts to accelerate the technological transformation of enterprises, improve the supporting measures to create conditions, absorbing foreign capital and promoting the restructuring of corporate assets, the only way to remain invincible in the new situation.