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Repair Method Of Poor Insulation Sheath

Jan 22, 2018

Repair method of poor insulation sheath

Scope of application

When the local defects of the PVC insulation and sheath layer of wire and cable are allowed, it is allowed to repair, such as breaking glue, collapse pit, disconnect, wrinkle, concavo convex, ears, package edges, breakdown, joints and so on.

Materials and instruments used

The raw materials should be made of plastic strips, skins, blocks and tubes of the same plastic. The raw materials should be smooth, clean and without other defects.

The use of the equipment is a file, knife, scissors, pliers, screwdriver, copper or smooth cable paper. The power of hot - wind plastic welding gun, electric soldering iron and welding gun for plastic welding is above 300W.

Repair of local defects

Repair methods such as breakdown point, hole, crater and so on

A knife is used to trim the defect and cut it into a 45 degree angle plastic block with the same size and shape. It is placed on the patch area and is fixed with a plier or screwdriver. Then it is continuously welded with hot air speed welding gun and pressed, pressed and pressed with copper sheet. When welding plastic, pay attention to the hot air temperature of the welding gun should not be too high, so as to avoid the plastic coke burning at the repair place. After the repair, the defect is tested by the spark machine, and it is not qualified.

With a knife cut into parts in the plastic layer defect slope angle of 45 degrees, to shape, color, uniform thickness of plastic block or a screwdriver, pliers or fixed, connected with wind gun, and then use the copper compaction, pressing, pressing, the spark machine test, no breakdown for qualified.

The plastic defects are scraped with a knife, the concave part is filled with the same plastic strip under the action of the hot air plastic welding gun, and then pressed, pressed and compacted with copper sheet at the defect repair place. The spark machine is tested, and no breakdown is qualified.

Repair method of large joint

1) general joint repair: put off the knife in the glue on both sides of the plastic layer along the circumference of a cutting slope angle of 45 degrees, the clean, color and thickness, length and diameter and glue at the same plastic tube in tube side along the axis cutting into each other is 45 the angle of the opening set in broken plastic, with a fine wire with equal distance, and then use the same plastic welding in hot plastic welding gun, welding and bonding, compaction, compaction, flat copper. The test of the spark machine does not break through to qualify.

2) the repair of large joint in the production process: in the process of production, for other reasons, for the temporary stop, the sheath disconnects, can be continuous joint. The method is to cut the plastic sheath into a 45 degree angle circumferential slope form, return to the machine head, extend it into the mold core, 30mm for a long time, then run the glue, run the glue well, the crew cooperate with each other, and connect the plastic layer with hand when driving, then repair it by plastic.

3) there will be quality defects on the length of the cable sheath from the long end of the head, while most of the other ends are well protected, and the length of the cable will be fixed. The repair method of the large joints in the production process can also be adopted. Only in the end of the sheath to remove the defective after matching in the extruder on the large mold, according to the process of the first squeeze wrapped sheath stripping to one end, to gradually increase the traction speed so that the joint interface sheath becomes thinner and coated on the cutting sleeve into the original slope shape, to be after the plane then the plastic repair.