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Reasons And Preventive Measures For Wrinkling Of Stretch Bending Of Profiles

Apr 10, 2018

In order to meet the application requirements, it is necessary to stretch the bending section, and actually, this technology is applicable to many profiles. But if you don't know well, it will also be the main reason for the wrinkling of the profile, especially when the width and thickness of the rectangular section are not in accordance with the requirements.

Through the study, it is found that there is a connection between the rectangular section and the wrinkle of the rectangular plate. Different types, different materials, and many different sections are different, so the difference between wrinkles will be formed. During the stretch bending of the profile, some parts below the neutral layer of the longitudinal pressure, and the radial and its width are also subjected to pressure stress.

It is in these three aspects that under the action of compressive stress, vegetable produces longitudinal shrinkage and radial thickening deformation, and it will cause wrinkle when serious. In order to prevent similar problems, the thickness of the inner web plate of the profile can be increased; or in the case of relatively stable cross section shape, the tensile bending can be increased, which can also effectively prevent the occurrence of wrinkling.