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Prediction Of The Development Trend Of Metal Hose Industry

Feb 07, 2018

With the production capacity of domestic enterprises to continuously improve the production of metal hose, state-owned enterprises have gradually out of the country, in the regions of Asia and Africa market share continues to increase, such as automotive metal hose, because of the quality of products to enhance the performance of vehicle shock, noise reduction effect significantly enhance the role of the automotive industry, led to the development of high performance metal hose the. Then where will the development of the metal hose industry go? Let's make a forecast.

Despite the continuous upgrading test raw material for the production of metal hose, improve the life and safety of the metal hose, but at the same time the raw material costs are rising, coupled with the domestic labor costs increase, enterprises continue to decline in profits, if the state-owned enterprises do not play the card of high performance, low price to occupy the market, it will form a vicious cycle the development, causes the market to seize the high-end enterprise by Europe and the United States and their technical strength will not be promoted.

The standard of metal hose industry in state-owned enterprises is not standardized, resulting in the confusion of metal hose specifications, uneven quality and unstable process performance, which can not guarantee the consistency of quality of supply products.

In 1990~2005, the average annual growth rate of domestic metal hose was 23.4%, which was 4 times that of international growth. In 2006 production reached 5 million level which indicates that the rapid growth of industrial consumption level in China with the global economic integration trend, proposed by Xi Jinping, China in the international society, China products have been gradually recognized by the international community, so China exports will increase will further promote the development of the industry.

In addition to supporting policies for the metal hose production enterprises Chinese government also continue to strengthen the export tax rebate, so that more businesses are willing to go out with the decline in domestic transport and logistics cost, simplify the export clearance procedures, metal hose will be extended to the tentacles around the world.

Of course, the government has been emphasized to reduce the production of atmospheric pollution, protection of water resources protection, the implementation of environmental protection production, metal hose governance is not in place some enterprises will be severely punished or even shut down, so to remind manufacturers not only momentary interests, only know how to speed up the production pace of construction and not pay attention to environmental protection products, enterprises will have to to sustainable development, will also affect the development of the industry.

From the above point of view, the metal hose will continue to be on the rise in the future, and the development prospect is broad. The rough manufacturing will be abandoned. High quality and high specification will occupy more domestic and international markets.