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Mexico International Electric Power And Electrical Equipment, Lighting And Technology Exhibition

Dec 24, 2017

Mexico electric power industry equipment and lighting technology exhibition is the largest event in power, electrician, lighting, measurement and control and automation industries. Every exhibition is a collection of exhibitors and spectators from professional manufacturers, agents, governments and purchasers from all over the world. The exhibition is the most influential exhibition in the local and Chinese and American regions. In 2017, the exhibition area was 21000 square meters, the A Pavilion, the B Pavilion and the C Pavilion were three pavilions. The exhibitors were more than 700 exhibitors, attracting more than 33700 participants. The exhibitors consistently reflected the good results of the exhibition, and some exhibitors said they would continue to participate in the exhibition in 2017. During the exhibition, more than 120 technical forums were held, and more than 4750 professionals attended the meeting to participate in the discussion.

The exhibition is complete, including electric power installation, power generation equipment, transmission and distribution equipment, lighting technology, building lighting system and so on. Now it has become a professional manufacturer to open up the Americas market, especially the North American market, master professional information, understand the current international market trend, grasp the latest technology and sign the most important contract. The exhibition has gathered the leading brands in the world power electrician and lighting technology industry, leading the trend towards the trend of the industry. The exhibition is highly international and diversified, providing a communication platform for exhibitors and visitors, so that participants can expand business opportunities, and deserve to be a professional exhibition in the industry. To participate in this exhibition can better understand the specific needs of the development of Mexico and the world of products and markets, improve the technological content of products, improve the product structure adjustment, lay the foundation for the production of high quality products, but also for improving exports, to ensure normal direction for export.