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Mastery Of Temperature And Heating Mode In Cold Drawing Steel Forging

Mar 16, 2018

Cold drawn steel is a product made of steel material as raw material and made by cold drawing process. It is often found that the cold drawn steel produced by some factories is not smooth after stamping, but it will cause serious cracking. What is the reason for this?

Once the cold drawing steel has cracked, it must not meet the requirements. In this case, it is bound to be unable to put into production or use in the later period. In order to avoid the occurrence of similar problems, it is necessary to understand the cause of the cracking of the cold drawn steel.

There are many reasons for the cracking phenomenon of cold drawn steel, but the main reason is that the different materials and manufacturing processes produced by cold drawn steel factories will happen. For example, in the process of processing, the forging temperature of steel material is not in place, it will cause the problem of cracking.

Not only that, but when the temperature is not suitable, the properties of steel will also be very different. The different points of performance can be directly displayed after quenching, which will cause various defects of cold drawn steel.

So when the steel material is heated, it is necessary to control the height of the temperature so as to ensure the perfect forming of the cold drawn steel. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the heating methods of materials, most of which are traditional heating methods such as coal heating, oil heating and so on.

But these two ways have different defects in the process of cold drawn steel fabrication, such as poor working environment, serious pollution, low efficiency and so on. In order to reduce unnecessary waste and pollution, more advanced heating methods can be used.