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How To Install The Outlet Box

May 30, 2018

(1) First, the position of the outlet box should be adjusted first, and then the slot should be grooved. The slot is about 600-700mm deep, and the size is 100*100mm. The size of the slot can also be determined according to the selected cassette model, and then the embedding is needed. Finally, the cassette alignment can be installed.

(2) Secondly, to remind everyone here is that in the early slotting and scraping, pay attention to make the cassette not higher than the wall, if the cassette is higher than the wall, then when the socket is installed, it will not be able to wall Face to face will affect the appearance. So remember to open deeper when you slot.

(3) Finally, when installing a scorpion cassette, it is necessary to avoid damage to the structure of the cassette. If you inadvertently destroy the structure of the cassette, it may cause dark deformation when it is embedded at a later stage, which will affect the installation of the panel. . In addition, when threading and threading, be careful not to let the reserved hole of the cassette damage the wire.