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How Should The GFCI Socket Check

May 25, 2018

The GFCI socket should be tested once a month to ensure they are working properly and to protect you against lethal impacts. GFCI should be inspected after installation to ensure their work and proper circuit protection. To test the GFCI socket, first plug in the nightlight or lamp to the power outlet. The light should be on at that time and press the "TEST" button. The GFCI's "RESET" button should pop up, and the light will go out. If you say "reset" button, it will pop up, but nightlight is not extinguished, GFCI has been improperly wired. Contact an electrician to correct wiring errors.

If you say "reset" button, there is no popup, GFCI is defective and should be replaced.

If the GFCI function is intact and the light goes out, press the "Reset" button to restore the power supply.

Currently GFCI can be widely used: Jacuzzi (bath), electric water heaters, washing machines, electric footbath, hood, high pressure electric washing machine, electric lawn mower, electric water pump, electric harvester, electric water mill, electric cutting machine , Hand-held power tools and so on.

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