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How Do The Metal Hoses Be Laid?

Feb 15, 2018

Answer: the methods and requirements for laying metal hose are as follows:

(1) the diameter of the metal hose used in the wire protection tube between the electrical equipment and the appliances should not be greater than 1.2m.

(2) the metal hose should be laid in a dry place which is not easily damaged by mechanical damage.

(3) the metal hose must not be buried directly in the underground or concrete.

(4) the metal hose should not be retreated and loose.

(5) there should be no joint in the middle of the metal hose.

(6) a special joint should be used when the metal hose is connected to the equipment and equipment.

(7) the joint of the metal hose should be sealed and reliable.

(8) the curvature radius of the installation of a metal hose should not be less than 6 times the outer diameter of the hose.

(9) the distance between the fixed point of the metal hose installation should not be more than 1m. Clamp and terminal elbow point distance should be 300mm.

(10) the joint of the anti liquid metal hose should be well sealed.

(11) when using metal hoses in special places such as humid, liquid proof metal hoses with non-metallic sheath and supporting devices should be used, and its sheath should be treated by flame retardant.

(12) the metal hose shall be reliably grounded and shall not be used as the grounding conductor of the electrical equipment.