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Expression And Characteristics Of The Specifications Of Round And Angle Steel In Cold Drawing Steel

Mar 20, 2018

There are many kinds of cold drawn steel. Round steel and angle steel are two kinds of identification. In fact, they are different in form, but other properties and manufacturing processes are basically the same. They all have the characteristics of cold drawn steel.

The round steel finger in cold drawn steel is a solid steel strip with round section. Its specifications are expressed in millimeter diameter. Besides the cold drawing process, round steel can also be produced by hot rolling and forging, but the specifications are different.

The diameter of the hot rolled round steel is 5 - 250mm, of which 5-9mm is used as the raw material for drawing steel wire; and the diameter of the forged round steel is relatively coarse, so it can be used as a shaft. The round steel of the cold drawing steel has a diameter of 3 - 100 millimeters, and its dimensional precision is high.

Let's talk about angle steel in cold drawn steel. There are mainly two kinds of equal side angle steel and uneven side angle steel. It's a long strip of steel which is perpendicular to each other. It can be seen that the dimension of side length and side thickness represents the specification of angle steel.

Usually the production specifications angle is 2-20, and the same number of angle but also often have a variety of different edge thick reinforced, so when the steel products in the purchase of cold drawn steel, corresponding to fill the angle of the edge width, edge thickness, avoid separately represented by models, to avoid confusion.

Whether it is cold drawn steel in steel or steel angle, have their respective representation models, but also has the characteristics of different shape, so buy products after the first to determine what is needed, and choose the excellent quality of the cold drawn steel material according to the actual demand, which can give full play to the good performance in various fields in.