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EMT Pipe Bender Manufacturers Teach You How To Select And Use Water Supply Pipes

Jan 31, 2021

There are many different kinds of pipes, which are also used in many different industries and fields. Among them, the most needed pipe is probably the water supply field. However, most users will not choose and use water supply pipes when they choose them. In fact, it is not so difficult to choose and use them. EMT pipe bender manufacturers teach users how to choose and use water supply pipes.

In fact, most of the urban water supply network in China is made of ductile iron pipe, relatively speaking, the cast iron pipe can bear more pressure. EMT pipe bender manufacturers tell users that the so-called PE pipe is nylon pipe, which has higher strength than PVC pipe. Relatively speaking, the strength of PVC pipe is low, but the construction is convenient. There are two kinds of so-called steel plastic pipes: one is internally coated steel pipe, that is, galvanized steel pipe with a layer of plastic inside, and the other is steel plastic composite pipe, which is steel plate lined with PPR pipe, which is a new and more sanitary pipe. The latter is more expensive, but also more hygienic.

EMT pipe bender manufacturers think that these pipes need to pay attention when they are used: most of the old urban areas are ductile iron pipes. If the altitude of the area is high, it needs secondary pressurization and meets the fire protection requirements, it is recommended that other types of pipes should still be used. In my design, PE100 or steel skeleton PE water supply pipes are commonly used. These two are popular at present. The best choice for tap water is steel mesh skeleton composite pipe, which has a service life of 50 years. In the future, steel mesh will gradually replace PE pipe.