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EMT Pipe Bender Manufacturers Should Make Comparison When Teaching Users To Select Pipes

Feb 10, 2021

EMT pipe bender manufacturers tell you that PVC pipe can adopt solid wall or structural wall design, and its connection mainly adopts solvent bonding. According to the use of plasticizer, it can be divided into PVC and PVC. In comparison, the corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance of PVC are relatively high, and the cost is also relatively high.

EMT pipe bender manufacturers know that PVC pipes have been widely used in water supply pipeline system and gas transmission pipeline system, but in recent years, the market share of PVC pipeline system in the field of gas transmission is almost zero, and the consumption of water supply system has also declined slightly. However, the consumption of PVC pipes in non pressure pipeline systems such as drainage, sewage and waste disposal systems has been growing steadily, mainly because the production of PVC raw materials is less dependent on crude oil than other thermoplastic plastics, which makes the production cost relatively low.

PE pipe first appeared in the 1950s. The continuous development of PE pipe materials has improved the performance of the pipe and become the driving force for the rapid growth of PE pipe consumption in water supply system and gas transmission and distribution system. PE pipeline is mainly used in drinking water transmission system, natural gas transmission system, irrigation system, sewage and drainage system. EMT pipe bender manufacturers know that PE pipe system does not have cost advantage, but it has been rapidly promoted and popularized. This is mainly due to the fast, convenient, safe and reliable connection mode of PE pipe, namely hot-melt connection mode.