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Deep Analysis Of The Cause Of Instability In The Ripple Compensator

We know that corrugated compensators are mainly used in various pipelines, which can compensate for the thermal displacement of pipes, mechanical deformation and absorption of all kinds of mechanical vibrations, and reduce the stress of pipeline deformation and improve the service life of pipelines. But when entering the autumn and winter season, the temperature will suddenly decrease, and the heating pipeline will be overhauled and replaced. Then a lot of corrugated compensator will be damaged and need to be replaced. Most of the customers will call us, and talk to us about the principle of the ripple compensator and the cause of the damage. Because the description of the salesman is various, so we have summed up the following six, to share with you.

We produce damage accidents of underground heating pipeline has been running for many years the domestic corrugated compensator were summed up, there are more than 90% of the accident is in the working environment of corrugated compensator Cl corrosion of metal bellows produced exceed the standard lead to stress corrosion damage, and because the working state of instability and other reasons caused by the destruction of the bellows the proportion of less than 10%. The instability of the corrugated compensator is also more complicated. The instability and failure phenomenon is caused by irregular elastoplastic or plastic deformation of bellows, severe tear to bellows and cracking around the weld. The causes can be roughly divided into:

(1) during construction, the soil and sand filled by the pipe foundation do not meet the requirements of construction specifications and compaction, or fail to meet the requirements of construction specifications, causing the pipeline to sink, causing the compensator not to work in a concentric shaft when it is running.

2. After construction of pipeline and piers, heavy rain or other causes did not result in the completion of the backfill project, resulting in the uneven decrease of long time serious water accumulation on the upper part of the pipeline.

The pipe installation does not meet the size of the design drawings. After installation, the ripple compensator is not on a concentric axis.

The design and processing of the ripple compensator is not satisfied with the design requirements.

The height difference of the pipe network is large, and the negative pressure is produced by the improper drainage operation after the pressure is pressed.

The design of the installation position is not reasonable, when the pipeline produces transverse displacement.

The above 6 causes can cause the ripple compensator to be in the state of instability.

The unstable state of the general ripple compensator has appeared during the pipeline strength test after the installation of the pipeline system, so it should be properly handled as soon as possible. Besides, we should timely popularize the operation principle and knowledge of corrugated compensator and damage causes of corrugated compensator for construction personnel, so as to further reduce losses. It is always unavoidable to replace vulnerable parts, but we should minimize the probability of errors, and better reduce operation costs for pipeline engineering. This is the quality we should have in every society.