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Control Of Cold Drawn Steel Value, Control Mode And Speed

Mar 27, 2018

As one of the typical products of cold drawn steel, cold drawn steel is the most attention for its control, especially the stress control, ensure the products can meet the use requirements. In the control process, the key is to determine the control value, determine the control method and determine the speed of control, and so on, so as to achieve the desired control effect.

The cold drawn steel, the control value will be determined by the test, it is based on the determination of the same batch of the same furnace specimens, in less than 4 of the cases, each specimen by the rules and regulations of the cold drawn steel stress determination of the corresponding rate of cold drawn steel, and take the average of the specimen as the furnace of the the actual rate of batch of steel cold drawn steel. In the face of different furnace batch of cold drawn steel, requires each of the cold drawn steel rate and control stress must conform to the rules and regulations.

The control method involves mainly two types, which are single control and double control, the former is relatively simple, but for the reinforced material not uniform, not by the root test of cold drawn steel quality can not be guaranteed; the latter can avoid these problems. Speed control is very important, the general should be 0.5~1.0; at the same time requirements of cold drawn steel to the specified, and cold drawn steel ratio, then stop, 2~3 and then obtain the sufficient time to relax deformation.