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Construction Link Mode Of Galvanized Steel Pipe

Jan 26, 2018

According to the on-the-spot sketch, draw the line on the selected pipe and cut the pipe according to the line. Saw tube with a wheel saw, the pipe should be placed on the wheel saw caliper, alignment draw line card prison, for broken pipe. Broken pipe pressure when the handle force to be uniform, do not force too much, after the broken pipe to the nozzle section of the iron film, burr clean. Set of wire: the pipe will be broken, according to the size of the tube diameter sets of threaded buckle, usually with a diameter of 15-32mm sets of silk 2 times, 40-50mm sets of silk 3 times, more than 70mm sets of silk 3-4 Times is appropriate.

Fitting pipe fittings: According to the sketch of the site will have a good set of threaded pipe fittings, fittings. Any heated straightening of the thread must be marked mark, remove and re-coated lead oil wrapped around the mains, and then the pipe alignment marks tighten

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