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Common Connection Methods Of Plastic Pipe Made By EMT Pipe Bender Manufacturer

Jan 21, 2021

EMT pipe bender manufacturers have different connection methods between pipe fittings and pipes according to different materials, and there are many connection methods for plastic pipes. Each connection method has its own advantages, and the connection methods used by different pipes are necessary. What are the common connection methods of general plastic pipes?

EMT pipe bender manufacturers list these methods for you: the bonding method is mainly used for the connection of rigid PVC pipe and ABS pipe. The method is to apply adhesive on the socket and spigot, squeeze the spigot into the socket, and wait for the adhesive to solidify. Welding method is mainly used for polyolefin pipes, such as LDPE, HDPE and PP pipes. When welding, the technical requirements for operation are higher, and the application is relatively less. The thread connection is safe and reliable. However, due to the need to open threads, the wall thickness of pipes and fittings must be thicker than that of solvent method pipes and fittings. White lacquer wire or raw tape can be used as thread filler.

In addition to the above two methods, EMT pipe bender manufacturer also found this connection method: reducer connection. There are two methods for this connection: one is eccentric reducer, the other is concentric reducer. Reducer connection is mainly used for the connection of sanitary fittings and drainage fittings.