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Classification Of Cold Drawn Special-shaped Steel From The Point Of View Of Material And Use

Mar 22, 2018

When the conventional shape and size steel can not meet the actual demand, there are many special-shaped steels. There are many different kinds of special-shaped steel based on cold drawn special-shaped steel. Some of them are divided according to different materials, and some are differentiated according to different uses.

1. Classification of cold drawn special-shaped steel in mine

It can be divided into the steel plate used in mining machinery, which is used in 45# steel as the material produced; a ratchet type steel is used for rock drilling machine parts, its use of the material is 20Cr steel and steel belt type; mining machinery parts used, 35CrMo steel is the main raw material it.

2. Different types of cold drawn special-shaped steel for automobile

Known as a supporting teeth steel, specially for automobile wrench ratchet handle supporting teeth; the other is a semi-circular steel in automobile and turbine manufacturing field with more, the selective material is widely used, 45#, 45B, 1Cr13 steel can.

There is also a pin - shaft type steel used for automobile pin shaft, which is often made of 45# steel as the main material. In addition to this, there are also cam - shaped steel. It is a steel product for the manufacture of automobile shaft and automotive engine parts.

3. Types of cold drawn special-shaped steel for light textile mechanical and electrical use

More varieties of cold drawn shaped steel including, a cloth feeding teeth type steel, chain type steel, flat steel, round knife box, knife type steel, flat steel, square steel elliptical steel hook, ladder type steel, semi-circular steel, steel rack, elevator rail steel and so on, are materials production of textile machinery is indispensable.