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Choose The 5 Elements Of A Stainless Steel Hose. How Many Of Them Do You Know?

Jan 16, 2018

Five elements of the selection of stainless steel metal hose

(1) hose nominal diameter, select joint type (mainly flange connection, thread connection, fast joint connection) and metal hose scale, hose length.

(2) the pressure according to the practical pressure of the hose, and then query the corrugated metal hose pressure meter, the resolution is not the use of stainless steel mesh type of metal hose.

(3) the chemical characteristics of the medium in the medium hose, according to the corrosion resistance function of the hose material and the raw materials of the hose parts.

(4) the operating temperature and scale of the medium in the temperature hose; the ambient temperature of the hose operation. At high temperature, the correction coefficient of the working pressure temperature under the high temperature of the metal hose must be corrected to determine the pressure after the temperature correction, so as to determine the selection of the accurate pressure grade.

(5) according to the situation when using the hose, the best length and device of accurate use of metal hose and hose to refer to in the settlement compensation. All kinds of sports. The length of the hose and hose of accounting the minimum number and minimum radius of tortuous tortuous elements, accurate selection of parameters of hose length, and the correct device