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Can The Raw Materials Of Cold Drawn Square Steel Be Thoroughly Dehumidification?

Apr 27, 2018

When processing cold drawn square steel, raw material is one of the essential elements, so we must master its dehumidification skills while selecting high quality raw materials so as to ensure that the value of the product can be fully played. The content that we would like to introduce to you is also very clear, that is, the cold dehumidification technology of cold steel square raw materials.

In order to achieve the purpose of dehumidification, two kinds of equipment can be used, namely, hot air drier and dehumidifying dryer. The former uses hot air to blow away moisture from the raw materials of square steel, but because the hot air dryer is an open system, it can only remove moisture from the raw material surface. The latter is to replace the moisture in the hot air by molecular sieve and then dry away the moisture in the raw material of the square steel.

Using this method, the moisture in the raw material can be reduced to less than 0.1%, but when the water content is greater than a certain degree, it is better to pass the pre drying process, so that the dehumidification effect will be more ideal.