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Cable Joint Product Function

Jan 25, 2018

Some people will ask us what effect does the cable joint product have?

Their main function is to make the line open, to keep the cable sealed and to ensure the insulation level at the cable joint, so that it can run safely and reliably. If the seal is bad, it will not only leak oil soaked paper, but also moisture will invade the cable interior, so that the insulation performance of paper is reduced.

The use of these cable protection products will increase the service life and operate steadily. .

Classification of cable joints

Wire and cable are materials used for power, communication and related transmission purposes.

There are the categories of cable:

1. Electric power cable,

2. Control cable,

3. Compensation cable,

4. Shielded cable,

5. High temperature cable,

6. Computer cable,

7. Signal cable,

8. Coaxial cable,

9, fire-resistant cable, 1

10, marine cable and so on.

They are made up of multiple wires and used to connect circuits, electrical appliances, and other equipment.