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Application Characteristics Of H Type Steel

Feb 27, 2018

The H type steel distributies the height to width ratio of the cross section according to different uses, and has excellent mechanical properties and superior performance.

★The design style is flexible and rich. In the case of the same beam height, the opening of the steel structure is 50% larger than that of the concrete structure, which makes the building layout more flexible.

★The structure of self weight is light. Compared with the concrete structure, the self weight is lighter, the self weight of the structure is reduced, the internal force of the structural design is reduced, and the treatment requirement of the building structure foundation is low, the construction is simple and the cost is reduced.

★The steel structure mainly based on hot rolled H steel is scientific and reasonable, with good plasticity and flexibility, and high structural stability. It is suitable for building structures bearing large vibration and impact loads, and has strong ability to resist natural disasters. It is especially suitable for building structures with many earthquakes. According to statistics, in the world of more than 7 devastating earthquake disaster, the steel structure with H type steel is the least damaged.

★Increase the effective use area of the structure. Compared with concrete structure, the section area of steel column is small, so that the effective area of building can be increased. Depending on the different forms of buildings, the effective area 4-6% can be increased.

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