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Analysis Of The Characteristics Of The Green Method For The Production Of Type Steel

Apr 05, 2018

The type steel can be formed by different methods, one of which is called the Green method. It is distinctly different from the general molding method. As long as the characteristics of the Green method are grasped, it is easy to distinguish.

The main characteristic of the Green production type steel is the opening type universal pass, so the processing of the waist and leg is carried out simultaneously in the open type universal pass. In order to effectively control the leg height and the quality of the leg processing, the vertical pressure must be acted on the leg end. At the time of concrete production, the ingot was rolled into blank billet by the initial rolling mill or two roll type billet, and the blank slab was sent to the universal roughing mill and the edge mill for reciprocating rolling, and the finished rolling mill and the rolling mill were reciprocating and rolled.

In the vertical pressure, only the horizontal roller contacts with the leg end of the rolling piece to keep the leg end straight, so that the quality and good performance steel products are produced.