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Analysis Of Elastic Properties Of Plastic Flexible Hose

Mar 03, 2018

Plastic coated metal hose analysis index very much, the elastic characteristics of one of the most important characteristics is the plastic hose package, for these customers may not understand how the US is not very familiar with, from what is the elastic characteristics of plastic hose package to start, let us elasticity on package of plastic hose a comprehensive analysis.

Flat wrapped plastic metal hose

First, the elastic property of the wrapped flexible hose is the relationship between the displacement and the load of a metal bellows and other elastic elements on a specified cooking. The elastic properties of the material can be stored in the elastic range of the material in which the displacement and load are stored in the form of function equation, table and graph. Because most of the machine tool parts can be reused, the cost of remanufacturing large machine tools is only about 1/3 of the purchase cost of new machine tools. The remanufacture of machine tools can not only reduce the cost of purchase, but also shorten the order period. It does not seem to be difficult for customers to be accepted if the product can really meet the performance indicators of the new product. In contrast, the reason for the promotion of remanufacturing enterprises to plough in the market is much simpler, that is, profit. It is reported that at present, the profit rate of the single machine tool is more than the new machine tool. What does that mean? It is more profitable to transform an old machine tool than to make a new machine. Therefore, for machine tool remanufacturing enterprises, the most important test is to remanufacture the performance index of the product.

Two, the main expression of the elastic properties of the wrapped hose. The elastic properties of the wrapped metal hose can be linear or nonlinear, and the nonlinearity can also be divided into two kinds: increasing characteristic and decreasing characteristic. As an important performance index of bellows and elastic elements, elastic elements used in instruments and measuring devices are generally designed to make linear relationship between the output of components and the measured parameters (loads). Plastic hose package is an important piping cable protection, because of its excellent waterproof, anti oil properties and beautiful appearance, is widely used in machine tools, machinery and other equipment in the chain.