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Advantages Of Aluminum Alloy Profiles In Bathroom Doors

Apr 10, 2018

First, the door frame and inner frame of aluminum alloy section of toilet door can ensure that it doesn't fade, not peeling and durable. Strong and durable, no deformation, no rust, no pollution, sound insulation, heat insulation, fire protection, waterproof, strong stability and many other advantages.

Aluminum alloy profile

Two, the intelligent structure of doors and windows: through high quality corner code assembly production process, can eliminate the adverse environmental factors in the room caused by the internal stress, ensure the length of the life of the aluminum toilet door profiles.

Three. The structure of the outer frame: the internal stress in the room is effectively counteracted by each other. At the same time, the structure is scientific and reasonable, which ensures the stability and reliability structure of the product.

Four, environmental health characteristics: because the traditional wooden door surface of the surface of the paint and adhesive glue will have some volatile harmful gas, but the whole aluminum toilet door profile is through the corner code connection technology, is absolutely no toxic gas and stimulate the smell of the release, truly green environmental protection.

Five, door frame and door fan: door frame and door frame are made of 6063-T5 high quality A rod aluminum alloy materials and scientific and technological space alloy material together, it has a very high strength.

Six, imported doors and windows hardware locks accessories: pure imported hardware door locks, it is fashionable, beautiful, elegant, luxurious, durable.

Seven, the design advantages of profile structure: suitable for all kinds of wall thickness. With the hardware and software accessories for doors and windows, the shape of the profile is never deformed. It has a scientific structure, strong impact resistance, high stability, never rusty and never faded.

Eight, installation is convenient and quick: the installation is faster and convenient, the hardware and software parts of doors and windows are more convenient and flexible, it is easy to install, also convenient to disassemble.