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Adjustment Method Of Roll Shape In Cold Drawing Steel Rolling

Apr 24, 2018

Cold drawing steel is formed by a series of processes such as rolling and cold drawing, but in this process, there are many factors that will change the actual crown and winding degree of the work roll. If it is not adjusted in time, it will directly affect the forming quality of the final cold drawing steel. Therefore, it is very important to adjust the shape of the roll.

In order to adjust the roll shape, the following methods are commonly used. For example, according to the design of the roll shape, the original crown of the work roll is calculated according to experience or calculation, so that the plate and the transverse thickness difference is maintained, or the temperature distribution along the length direction of the roller is adjusted, that is to change the cooling fluid of each section. The number, flow and temperature.

Of course, changing the reduction procedure and adjusting the rolling force will also play a certain role in changing the roll's actual winding. There is also a hydraulic bending device, it can also adjust the roll winding, change the roll's actual winding degree, and ensure the perfect forming of cold drawn steel.