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A Brief Description Of The Special Design Of I-steel And Its Factory Inspection

Mar 26, 2018

In all kinds of steel, I-steel is a widely used steel product, especially in large-scale construction projects. In order to achieve the desired desired effect, the design of I-steel and inspection and inspection at factory are all the key skills to master. The small editor has listed the key points of knowledge, which is convenient for everyone to learn.

First, the design of I-steel

Mainly refers to the inclined hole I-beam and scissor blade design, I-beam two opening edge of the at the same time above or below the pass system is called skew rolling pass, so the design is because of its large groove slope of side wall, the opening pressure tank allows large slab growth amount is large, can road and choose the height of small billet is reduced, the yield of the good quality.

The basic basis of cutting edge design is the pass shape of I-steel products. In the process of blade cutting, we should pay attention to the thickness of I-steel two shoulder compared with other parts, if the thickness is relatively thick, the shear force is larger, and the blade wear is faster.

Two. Inspection and inspection of I-steel

I-steel is a type of "work" shaped section steel. The inner surface of the upper and lower flange is inclined, which makes the flange thin and inner thick. If the cross section characteristics of the I-steel in the two main planes are quite different because of the improper operation, it will also be difficult to make good performance in the application. So when you go to the factory, we must check the shape of I-steel in this respect, so as to avoid large error.