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Precautions For The Use Of Spring-supported Hangers

Jun 08, 2017

1. According to the installation load provided by the manufacturer, the indicator plate of the spring-supported hanger is fixed in the position corresponding to the mounting load with the upper and lower two locating blocks, so that the spring support suspension is in a rigid state.
2. After cleaning and hydrostatic testing, the pipe can be put into use by removing the upper and lower locating blocks.
3. When the pipe begins to run, first check whether the locating block is dismantled, and then check whether the indication board has any phenomenon of blocking in the process of displacement from mounting load to working load.
4. After the pipeline is put into normal operation, check whether the displacement of spring support hanger is consistent with the design of the working load. After the pipe stops running, check to see if the dashboard is reset to the mounting load.