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Welding Is Not Good, Also Can Make Hose Fatal

Jun 08, 2017

As an important connection equipment in engineering equipment, if the operation is not standardized or incorrect use, it will also affect the use of Soumei, and sometimes even cause fracture. Today we will understand the metal bellows welding Five steps of concrete implementation, these five steps can not be underestimated:
The first step: the nozzle size in the welding to the door to first measure the length of the tube, and then use the pipe knife, cutting pipe size.
Step two: Cleaning pipeline because the pipe is metal, the tube will be oxidized to produce some waste residue, and some waste residue will affect the welding effect. As a result, when we use the welding cloth or paper, the waste residue in the tube is grinded.
Step three: Use the brush cleaning accessories to clean the hose to ensure a clean and tin-plated jointing.
Step Fourth: Master the welding time in general you need to have the welding pipe length, you need the corresponding lengths of solder.
Step Fifth: The use of torch heat pipe to adapt to the torch heat pipe is mainly to ensure that the pipe welding place uniform heating. It is worth noting that when using the torch, make sure that the flame is close enough to cover the entire diameter of the pipe.