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what is flexible metal conduit?

Jan 12, 2018

The flexible metal wire protection casing is a new type of material used for wire and cable protection casing, which belongs to flexible metal conduit.

It can be used for all kinds of occasions, dark compress and cast in situ concrete. Because the tube is light in weight, strong in strength and insulation, it can bend freely (without tools) and is equipped with various accessories. The construction is very convenient, and it can improve work efficiency greatly, so it has been widely applied in electrical installation engineering.flexible metal conduit.jpg

Can the outer metal wire to protect the casing deflection for hot galvanized steel (or copper), the middle layer of cold rolled steel strip, the inner resistance of hydropower engineering paper, overlapping volume twisted, outer wall into a screw thread; plastic coated flexible metal wire to protect the casing is in flaxible metal casing and a coating layer plastic (PVC). Its specifications are from 10#~101#, inner diameter from 9.2 mm to 100.2 mm, with a total of 12 specifications.

Features: convenient construction and superior performance. The tube is light in weight, convenient in handling, bending and cutting without machinery, bending towards itself, simple connection (no need to be buckle), and equipped with a variety of accessories. Because of the special hot-dip galvanizing process of steel strip, its moisture resistance and corrosion resistance are superior. It has good strength and good insulation. A wide range of use, can replace the general galvanized steel pipe. It has basic type, anticorrosion type, explosion-proof type, heat resistant type and so on. The corresponding pipe and accessories can be selected on the basis of different occasions.

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