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what is EMT Electrical Conduit

Jul 27, 2017

EMT Electrical Conduit features

1, light weight, easy to transport construction.

2, free car teeth, cutting or bending processing easy, shorten the working hours to reduce the cost of wages.

3, the surface of the tube with a uniform high purity gold plating, forming a layer of protective film, a very strong corrosion. The inner surface of the pipe is smooth and rust-proof, and does not rust.

4, galvanized non-tooth guide tube for the development of non-tooth method of the wire tube, pipe and pipe between the joint, to a dedicated non-dental joint construction, after a good connection, will be able to break the screw to a certain strength, The screw will be broken, then the next step is completed.

5, galvanized non-tooth thread tube good resistance to heat, and will not produce toxic gases, impact resistance is not afraid of earthquakes lead to fracture, high security, any place regardless of the dark tube or the construction of the tube can be used. Note: Each tube L = 3.66M

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