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What are the methods to identify the quality of flexible metal conduit?

Mar 14, 2018

We often have a lot of problems when we choose flexible metal conduit.

1, the price varies. Customers want to buy more stainless steel hoses. They always want to ask more questions. Compare the price, but after asking, they have a headache. The price of three houses is too high, too low, too low to feel the clue. Do not know why the difference is so large? First of all about the product basic parameters and material to be unified, bellows (layers), net (layers), whether the material is 304 stainless steel joint connection form is what material, what standards, after determining the specifications and materials in the unified price respectively will be better. The price is only a part of the user's choice

2, producing areas emerge in an endless stream. Many manufacturers claim to have many origins. Users do not know which family to choose and consider after-sales problems. It is suggested that users choose a place closer to themselves.

3, how to guarantee after sale, this is really the key factor to see the strength of the factory, the good companies have special after-sales personnel, this can only be considered by the users themselves.

4, the actual inspection is necessary, in large quantities of order, it is necessary to carry out field inspection, convenient for long-term cooperation.

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